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What is a professional fluffer. GF got a job as a fluffer for porn company

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The pressure of getting an erection in front of a small crowd—cameramen, light guys, gaffers, photographers—then climaxing on cue is a daunting task. Rick was taking a chance with new meat. At one point, John looked into my face to gauge my reaction.

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The pressure of getting an erection in front of a small crowd -- cameramen, light guys, gaffers, photographers -- then climaxing on cue is a daunting task. It was the middle of the summer, and Hades hot. If you like this article, please share it! Other times, it involves a strategically placed posterior or helping hands.

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His mojo had returned! The hours are long and grueling.

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The sets are often stifling because air conditioners and fans have to be turned off; you don't want the AC buzzing above the hum of a vibrator. Cashmere was dripping sweat onto his ladylove, which she was none too happy about. He turned around in the front seat, grinning, and opened his mouth wide in anticipation.

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