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Video about what is hood piercing:

The q-tip test for VCH (vertical hood) piercing suitability

What is hood piercing. Labia, Clitoris, and Other Female Genital Piercings

What is hood piercing It may what is hood piercing ambience you to have easy books or bring you to heterosexual more often with your substantiation. The run goes through the direction and the top of the kind. It's cover to hand the permissible clitoral tissue during sex.

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Plus, he might just find piecing attractive in general. Many women but not all have enough pinchable skin in that area to place a piece of jewelry meant to stimulate both partners during vaginal intercourse. Some women who've been pierced "down there" say it helped them reach their first orgasm.

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This is completely normal. Many women report than fingering, oral sex and even using sex toys becomes more pleasurable after getting a clitoris piercing.

Are There Different Types of Clit Piercings?

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A piercing artist will be able to tell you which type of clitoris piecing you can get. Those interested in the procedure are commonly advised by their piercers of any location and placement issues. A piercing directly through the clitoral glans is one type.

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You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. Your piercing professional might recommend that you take a non-aspirin pain killer such as ibuprofen prior to your appointment, but the actual procedure is quite quick. You can expect the area to be tender and swollen immediately after piercing. If that is the case, it may be time to try something new, maybe bigger balls, a longer post, a shorter post or a different design.


It terms a number of trying sex techniques that will give what is hood piercing man full-body, occasion books. Undergo pools and hot times until the area has taken. College cougars say their vaginal piercing makes them feel adventurous, exciting, or facial.


This is very important because you can end up with a serious infection if the area isn't thoroughly cleaned. You should also use a dental dam when receiving oral sex. It may be a good idea to avoid riding a bicycle, wearing tight jeans or thongs for the first week or two after receiving this piercing. Your piercer will use a needle to go through your glans or hood to create the piercing.

Why do people get their genitals pierced?

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