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Video about what to wear to a passover seder:

How Not to Attend a Passover Seder

What to wear to a passover seder. (Closed) What are you wearing for your Passover Seder? NWR

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The core of the Seder text is the asking of questions and the answering of answers. That way, if someone ends up hugging you with haroset-covered hands, the stains will simply blend in. The Seder is a very text-centric night, as participants keep a Haggadah close at hand throughout. Be ready for a text-based evening.

DON’T be late.

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Flash90 When it is time to eat matzah or maror, you might see everyone digging into what seems like hefty servings of these foods. For cleaning out our closets and discovering that we have nothing to wear. Lacy over-dresses are fine, but if the classic look is more your style, stick to black — albeit with an interesting cut or glamorous accessories. No, I take that back.

What To Wear To A Passover Seder

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That is truly what the Seder is about. You can pack them next year, when you go to your in-laws. For example, when going to your in-laws, force a sudued smile, carry some flowers, and dress like you were just plucked off a farm in Scandavia. Make sure you have good directions to the house beforehand, as your hosts will not be answering their phones once Passover begins.

DO read up on the rituals.

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