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Whats the 7 year itch. Blisters on the bottom of my foot that itch, hurt and ooze clear liquid. Whats happening?

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They are searching for destructive plant pests on the underside of leaves. Pompholyx eczema affects one in 20 people, and produces a burning itching along with tiny blisters on the sides of the fingers, palms and feet.

What’s making your skin itch?

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The condition is caused by an over-reaction of the immune system. Place a piece of scotch tape on the bite; or dab rubbing alcohol or ammonia on the area first then stick on a piece of tape. And if your condition worsens, see your doctor. There are two types:

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Im not able to immediately consult any Dermatologist here ,they are giving appoinments after 3, 4 months. Moreover, they can become a nuisance inside the house. As little as 15 minutes in the sun can trigger polymorphic light eruption, an immune reaction that causes a burning itchy rash on the chest and arms. Rub a bar of soap over the itch.


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Chronic urticaria lasts more than six weeks, and occurs when antibodies from your immune system attack the body, causing the release of histamine. Xerosis, the medical name for it, often feels itchy as it is more easily irritated. Whether its bacterial, fungal, or yeast, dont forget to eat yogurt daily or puchase acidophilis tablets if you cant eat yogurt. Moreover, they can become a nuisance inside the house.

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