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Fishing for Spawning Black Crappie

When do crappie spawn in pennsylvania. Spring Fishing for Crappie ~ By Darl Black

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The earliest biting fish are ones that have migrated to cover-laden shallow water, likely moving in prior to ice-out. Many days a steady do-nothing retrieve works best, but on other days you may need to tweak it with pauses or little lifts and drops. Late Spring Spawn Spawning does not begin until the water temperature in the shallows stabilizes around 60 degrees or slightly warmer, typically mid May or early June in Pennsylvania. These fish re-locate not far from future spawning sites, and are joined by additional crappie that did not move up for the early shallow-water feeding spree.

Springing Into Action

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One Rod vs Many The approach to crappie fishing varies considerably depending on the region of the country. On the other hand, a good share of my crappie fishing is done on clear natural lakes or moderately clear reservoirs. Change lures, tactics and locations as often as necessary to establish a fishing pattern. Fan cast in a big circle.

One Rod vs Many

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Now get out there and catch those spring crappie! In clear water it may be possible to see beds, but on other dingy water lakes the beds will not be visible even though constructed in quite shallow water. This permits you to test different baits and depths.

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