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Where did square dancing originated. Traditional square dance

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Such events are known in the calling trade as "fun nights", "barn dances", or "one-night stands". As in its ancestors the cotillion and quadrille, the movements in this style of square dance are synchronized with the phrases of the music.

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However, even though this dance changed throughout the centuries, its main form was not touched. At this time, however, the dance form was already seen as old-fashioned and, well, square. For example, the "Allemande Left" is traditionally performed by grasping left hands with the other dancer, pulling away from each other slightly, and walking halfway around a central axis then stepping through.

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Most other regions fall between those extremes. Irish and Scottish dances are normally done to traditional tunes. Since the 19th century, much of the square dance repertoire has been derived from jigs in 6 8 time and reels in 2 4 time from Scotland and Ireland. The dancers may dress up a bit—though not necessarily in square-dance-specific costumes—and they may attend and dance exclusively with a spouse or other regular partner.

Types of Square Dances

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