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In her book Journey Through Chaos, reporter Agnes Meyer of The Washington Post travelled throughout the country, reporting on the condition of the "neglected rural areas", and decribed the people who lived in the trailers, tents and shacks in such areas as malnourished, unable to read or write, and generally ragged. Northern journalists and other observers maintained that poor white trash, who were now destitute refugees, "beggars, dependents, houseless and homeless wanderers", were still victimized by poverty and vagrancy. They lived and attempted to survive on land that was sandy or swampy or covered in scrub pine and not suited for agriculture; for this they became known as "sandhillers" and "pineys".

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Thus they took steps to exploit the class divisions between the white trash population and plantation owners. Conscripts who failed to report for duty were hunted down by so-called "dog catchers".

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