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'Where White People Meet' Say Dating Site Isn't Racist

Whitepeoplemeet com. 'Meet a Black Person' Networking Event Invites Whites to Make Friends and End Racism

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She is trapped, surrounded by fatal danger on every side. A world where decency is "wrong" - and "perversion" is more than "acceptable" - why, it's a preferred "lifestyle choice"! Active Themes Cora looks at Fiona and is astonished by how young she is.

The Underground Railroad

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Perhaps more torturous than her immediate surroundings, however, is the mystery of what happened to Sam and Caesar. However, things immediately turn sinister when Cora realizes there are no black people around—at least, none who are still alive. American National Socialists are NOT "monsters" as portrayed by the systems controlled media - we are White men and women who care deeply for the future of our children in a decadent, corrupt world gone mad.

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