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Video about why do we yawn when someone else yawns:

Why Do You Yawn When Others Yawn?

Why do we yawn when someone else yawns. 6 Things Your Body Does Every Day That Science Can't Explain

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When we yawn, it is actually our spirit trying to relax. It is a way of increasing your heart rate blood flow and the use of muscles in the face which all help cool down the brain.

Is Yawning Something Spiritual?

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Body language tells people a lot about who we are and how we are feeling. Build a sleep schedule and stick to it.

Excessive Yawning, Is this A Concern?

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Yup, the three big causes are 1 Improper posture, especially at night, 2 Not enough potassium in the body, and 3 dehydration, especially whilst exercising. Cool yourself down You can also try taking a walk outside or finding a space with a cooler temperature.

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We're sure feminists love that one. We see someone yawn, we yawn in sympathy to show in a clear, nonverbal way that we understand.

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