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Yetman frame Without, he certainly was not the last. Its under is 49cc and, with yerman 9mm Weber carburetor, knows about 1hp 4,rpm. This is me and yetman frame YL1 at Jeff Ledges.

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It took only a couple of runs to find out that with the new lightweight front end that we needed about 20 pounds of lead strapped on to keep it from going over backwards. Match racing was always a crowd pleaser and lots of fun for the racers.

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The frame I'd developed and later patented was a pure "spaceframe", meaning that all of its structural members were triangulated, either in compression or tension. But its advantage--true to its racing provenance--was significant weight reduction. Other differences, not visible, were the use of 20 and 18 gauge wall thickness tubing in the competition unit versus 18 and 16 gauge thicker in the street model.

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This bike was about a typical as they get for the era. Yetman explains, "This was all great fun, and it sounds hugely successful in retrospect, but building frames really had its commercial limitation.

Yetman Frame

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